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Where to go for beach days

Out of the front door, walk down the lane to the main road, turn left, and in 5 minutes you are on Krithoni beach, the beach has tiny pebbles that are soft to stand on and the water is calm and inviting. Stis Anna’s will be able to provide you with healthy food options and you can even sit at a table on the beach and have lunch there. Sunbeds are provided free of charge. It’s a quiet beach and it is never crowded, a perfect place to spend many hours contemplating the views of Turkey in the distance.

Gourna is a beautiful long sandy beach, on the west of the island, it’s dark sand makes the water a deep turquoise colour. There is a restaurant on the beach run by Fotis, the owner, who will help you choose your lunch and the same restaurant is perfect in the evening at sunset for beautiful scenery. The beach is never crowded and you can lie on a sunbed provided by Fotis.


Agia Kioura, located on the north of the island, is quite often busy in the summer, but if you go early you can get a nice spot under the tree and there you contemplate the view of the small island, Stroggali, in front of you and the light blue sea from the white sand on the bottom of the sea. It is a really beautiful place to go swimming. There is a church just before going down to the beach which was painted by prisoners of war and is dedicated to Saint Kioura. You can hear about part of its history here

Blefouti is a long gravel beach close to Agia Kioura but instead of turning left after the barracks, you turn right and go up and over a hill and are presented with a beautiful bay complete with a restaurant at the beginning and at the end of the bay there is a small beach with an old rusted Italian machine gun pointing out towards the island of Lipsi and on the far side there is a large willow tree next to which you can hear a trickling sound, which in fact is the blue spring that gave the name to Blefouti. You can swim, lunch and even have a nice evening meal at the restaurant and spend the day lying under the small tamarix trees.

Alinda has a long stretch of beach with many hotels, bars and restaurants, it is quite often a beach full of beach goers during the summer months, the sea is always calm and many people swim here all year round. A good restaurant to visit for fresh local cuisine is Prima & Aneplora.

Agios Nikolaos is one of our favourite places to get away from it all, you can either be very careful with a car, motorbike, or scooter. Hike to Agios Nikolaos with plenty of water from Agios Isidoros, a church on a small islet connected to Leros by a path across the sea. Another way to reach Agios Nikolaos is the dusty track leading up over the mountain from the other side of the road from the computer repair store that is at the top part of Kamara on the main road to the airport, Blefouti and Agia Kioura. This bay is spectacular, secluded and rarely visited even by locals in the summer months. There are the church of Saint Nikolaos, a few goats and you. Take some shoes for the sea and keep an eye out for sea urchins. It is a beautiful place to go swimming and just spending a few hours disconnected from the world under the large tamarix tree marvelling the beautiful untouched scenery.

When visiting the church of Agios Isodoros, which is a must, look back to the east and to the bay of Gourna, in the distance, before Gourna there is a strip of quiet beach, well-worth visiting to spend a few hours under the trees by the houses there. A community of ducks live by the last house at the end of the beach, here, the beach is its widest and the sand is soft and comfortable to lie on for hours under the shade of the well-established trees. You can access this beach by the small road forking off to the left from the road to Agios Isodoros just after the blue post boxes in the direction of Agios Isodoros.

Merikia, there are two easily accessible beaches, on the first main beach in Merikia, Lime Bar is open during the summer months offering sunbeds and cocktails on the quay where it is positioned facing the long stretch of beach. The beach in front has pebbles, so some shoes for the sea might make it more comfortable to enter and exit the water. The second beach is Kokkina Porcelana, a beautiful place to spend the day under the shade of the large tamarix trees. Kokkina is generally a nudist haven in low season, but quite often non-nudists visit the beach in high season. This beach has pebbles, so you’ll need shoes to get in and out of the water.

At the beginning of Merikia, you’ll find a couple of coves one with a small taberna with access to jump in the sea, very nice koulious pastos (salted fish), perfect with an ouzo or tsipouro, the second cove has a sailing club for small optimist sailing dinghies, after which you can find a couple of other coves for a private dip in the sea. Drive to the end of Merikia to find a beautiful view of Kalimnos and Telendros that separated from Kalimnos during an earthquake in 535AD. If you continue along the road you can travel around peninsula and pass by a couple of fantastic bays, which you would need to walk down to and take a lot of water.

When driving around this peninsula you will find the Moni Monastery (Convent) that has limited visiting times during the afternoons.

Xirokampos is in the south of the island, from the beach you have views of Kalimnos and the Belona (needle) islets located between Leros and Kalimnos. The beach is gravel and again we recommend you to use shoes to get in and out of the sea. The sea is calm and there is a convenient shower and chair access into the sea for wheelchair users. There are a number of tabernas along the shoreline, one of which is particularly good, Trehantiti Fish Restaurant, run by the Kourapinis family, Eftihia is a great chef who knows how to prepare excellent local seafood dishes, one of her sons, Manoli will make you feel at home in their traditional Greek taberna. Ask to see their fresh fish! Close to Xerokampos is the chapel of Panagia Kavouradena, set beside the sea on the rocks, if you walk down to the chapel on the right hand side there is access by walking over the wall and down the slope to two beautiful coves where you can take a dip and cool off.

Panteli is a beautiful little fishing village attached to the other small villages connected to Agia Marina. It has a gravel beach with beautiful bright blue water and views of the isle of Vrachonisida Agia Kyriaki directly in front with only the beautiful chapel of Agia Kyriaki, further in the distance are Vrachonisida Piganoussa and Kalimnos in the distance and to the left is a long stretch of Turkish coast. Swimming is good in Panteli and the bars and tabernas offer you sunbeds and various options to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are a number of bars that are open late including the Savanna Bar which is open till late and it is opposite the moored fishing boats.

Vromolithos beach and Velenidia beach are accessible from the main road between Agia Marina and Lakki, follow the sign for Vromolithos, but take the road to the right taking you along a road east between houses and lined by pine trees, take the first left, a road which has a steep slope down and this takes you to a clearing above the sea from where you can park and either walk left to Vromolithos beach or right to Velenidia beach. Vromolithos beach is a long fine stone beach which resembles sand and has a number of rocks and shade from many tamarix trees. Velenidia beach is a black stony beach with a rock face behind with some shade from the rocks during the afternoon.

At the end of the road from Alinda continuing to Dio Liskaria, there are three beaches, one is just before Duo Liskaria and is called Panagies Alidon and has The Chapel of Panagies, a family of ducks live on this beach and will readily welcome you. The next beach is accessible by stairs and is just after the chapel, there is a bench you can sit on. After these two beaches you will find Dio Liskaria beach with a bar and a restaurant, from the Vareladiko Restaurant you can ask to be taken to Krifos beach on a small boat and arrange to be picked up later on, take plenty of water with you, and sun screen.

A visit to Isle of Archangelos

A trip to Nisida Archangelos is a great way to spend a day snorkelling, swimming and having lunch at Stigma Archangelos Taberna. Call the taverna beforehand to arrange transport and a table. Call early to avoid disappointment, as it is popular and numbers are limited.

Tel: +30 693 3409648

What else does Leros have to offer?

Lakki is a wonderful place to spend some time looking in the shops, visiting the cinema, eating at the different restaurants, tabernas like Lyxnari, serving traditional Greek dishes in a warm atmosphere and visiting Repapis delicatessen Greek sweets shop. There are a hospital and numerous doctors surgeries. Once called Porto Lago by the Italians, it’s inherited Italian razionalismo architectural design from the 1930s is still standing to this day albeit weather-beaten. In 1912, Italy took over control from the Ottoman Empire by occupying the islands off Turkey’s southwestern shores. Italy kept control of the islands until 1943 and eventually the Dodecanese islands were ceded to Greece on 7th March 1947. Lakki now hosts El Greco Restaurant which was once in Panteli, cuisine from this restaurant is not to be missed, and close by is Marietta’s Bistro offering a selection of meze accompanied with ouzo, tsipouro, beers or wines. Persiana offers a selection of beers and different hamburgers for a taste of the USA. Numerous souvlaki tabernas are dotted around Lakki, including SouvLakki, on the water front, it offers an economic option for dining out.

Agia Marina has many shops selling souvenirs, local pottery, antiquities and the Paradisiako delicatessen selling local delicacies. Agia Marina has many cafes, a new taberna called Metzes serving traditional Greek dishes at affordable prices and a souvlaki taberna. Much time can be spend on the quay enjoying a drink watching the world go by and it is especially pleasent at sunset. Not to be forgotten is Mylos by the Sea, one of the Aegean’s most famous fish restaurants, our villas are within walking distance; if guests are interested in visiting this restaurant, we suggest booking ahead to avoid dissapointment.

Platanos, up the hill between Agia Marina and Panteli, is very traditional with coffee shops, a souvlaki taberna, a jewellers, the town hall for the island, a number of of the shops and a doctor’s surgery.
Above it all is Panteli Castle, this Byzantine fortress, which survives to this day, has become the picture postcard of the island and offers a magnificent view of the mountainous landscape from above, the sea and the villages of the island of Leros.



Useful Information

Taxi Leros, Yianni +30 693 6641386

Car hire and scooter hire on the island:

Irene, Leros Rent-a-Car in Lakki +30 693 7214882

Leros Moto Rent +30 2247 022247

Pagonis Rent-a-Car in Alinda
+30 6936259819, +30 22470 25831


Pharmacy Repapis, main road between Agia Marina and Lakki +30 2247 028388
Pharmacy House, on road into Agia Marina +30 2247 026956

Doctors Surgeries:

  • Dr Markakis Vangelis, Platanos Square
    +30 6972019638
  • Dr Nikolaidis Evangelos, Lakki Square
    +30 694 7995835, +30 2242 300614

Leros General Hospital, Lakki +30 2247 360100

Police in Agia Marina +30 2247 022222

Emergencies 112

Aegean Travel & Shipping Agency, Lakki +30 2247 026000

Sky Marine Ferries (Bodrum – Kos) WhatsApp +30 6949592585 Tel: +90 5340812722

Blue Star Ferries (Piraeus – Athens, Kos, Rhodes,

Patmos, Syros – Cyclades Islands) +30 21 0891 9800

Dodecanese Seaways (Kos, Rhodes, Patmos, Lipsi, Samos – North Aegean) +30 2241 070590

Leros Municipal Airport +30 2247 022275

Olympic Air (Athens direct) +30 210 3550 000

SkyExpress (Kalimnos, Astypaleia, Athens via either Astypaleia or Kalimnos) +30 801 112 8288, +30 215 215 6510 (calling from outside Greece)

Thomas, High Speed Water Taxi with departures generally from Xerocampos going South or from Partheni going North (Archangelos, Lipsi, Patmos, Kalimnos – Myrtires, Kos – Mastichari)
+30 697 4853808

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